Common Casino Myths That Just Aren’t True

You don’t have to look far to find a host of peculiar casino myths. From tall tales of cheating casinos, to the utterly absurd notion that land-based casinos pump in oxygen, virtually all are complete nonsense. Yet, some casino myths do provide a glimmer of truth, even if that truth is hidden under a mountain of silly lies.

Let’s take a closer look at common casino myths now, analyse them, and get to the truth.

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Land-Based Casinos Pump In Oxygen

Let’s start with the silliest myth first; some claim that land-based casinos pump in oxygen. According to the story, pure oxygen keeps casino goers more alert, thereby keeping them awake and making them more eager to gamble. Where to even start with such absurdity?

First, let’s consider how much oxygen the establishment must pump in to have any real effect. Then let’s think about where the casino is storing that oxygen, how much the oxygen is costing, and how big the pumping system is to supply oxygen to an entire casino. It all starts sounding rather ridiculous, doesn’t it?

While most land-based casinos do make an effort to keep their interior cool and breezy, it is outright silly to think that an enormous operation is underway to pump in artificial oxygen. If you know someone who believes this tall tale, try asking them about the logistics of such a notion.

Various Slot Myths

You’ve probably heard any number of myths about slots. That the machines closest to the door pay out more, that the games lure you in with easy wins, then suddenly start throwing out losses, and so on. The bottom line is that licensed, legal casinos, online and land-based, operate according to a strict set of rules and regulations. The government audits the casino, tests the games well in advance, and ensures that everything runs according to rules.

Plain and simply; legal casinos are certainly not going to risk their license for a bit of extra money. More to the point, somehow rigging legal slots, after those slots undergo an audit, isn’t as simple as it sounds. No, casinos are not rigging slots, and don’t need to rig slots. Casinos make all the money they need offering slots that abide by set rules and regulations.

Casinos Throw You Out If You Win Too Much

Some claim that if you win too much, the casino will throw you out. Not only is this not true, it is the exact opposite of reality. If you win, a casino is much more likely to celebrate in your honour. Casinos love it when players win, and will often go out of their way to draw attention to the winner. In fact, if you do win a big jackpot, you can expect the casino to break out the champagne, call you in for a toast, and perhaps even ask you to post your picture on their website.

Casinos will, however, ask you to leave if you’re card counting. Card counting isn’t technically illegal, but it does give players an unfair advantage over the establishment. Hence, if you’re seen card counting, the casino will ask you to leave. Remember that casinos are private property, and as such hold the right of admission. Even online sites will lock you out, assuming the auditing systems pick up signs of inappropriate behaviour. But then someone will also ask you to leave their home if you behave badly, right?

Casino Games Are Hot Or Cold

Some amateur gamblers see casino games as either hot or cold. To put it another way, they see a game as more or less likely to pay out. If you know anything about casino games, you’ll know that a game can’t be hot or cold. No matter which casino game you’re playing and regardless of whether you’re playing online at ZAR Casino or in a land-based venue, that game is as likely to pay out at any moment as any other moment.

The idea that a game is more or less likely to pay out is Gambler’s Fallacy. Gambler’s Fallacy suggests, for example, that if you don’t win at Roulette betting on black for a while, that black is now more likely to come up. The reality is that black is as likely to come up as it always is. Probability may skew towards red or black for a while, but the outcomes will always balance out over time.

In conclusion; don’t see casino games as hot or cold. See them as a stable system that may sometimes swing back and forth.

You Can Sway The Odds In Slots

Some claim that you can convince a slot to pay out more frequently, assuming you follow a bizarre set of rules. No matter what anyone tells you, no matter if you play with fiat currency or cryptocurrency, slots only pay out according to Random Number Generators (RNG.) There is nothing you can do to sway RNG in your favour. Slots are, and always will be, completely random.

RNG is a hardware system that produces thousands of random numbers per second. When you spin, one of those numbers goes to your slot. How anyone thinks you can alter this system is a mystery, but rest assured it isn’t true. If you want to play casino games you can have an impact on, try Blackjack or Poker. Blackjack and Poker are games of skill, so if you play well you can win more frequently.

Dealers Aim To Make You Lose

Lastly, let’s talk about dealers. Some insist that the dealers in casinos want you to lose. Some even suggest that dealers undergo training to make you lose, using sly, mysterious techniques, or perhaps even rigging games. Of course, all of this is nonsense.

Dealers more often than not want you to win. They’re just as human as you are, and certainly aren’t maliciously hoping you’ll lose money. You can even ask a dealer for help; they’ll happily help you win as much as they can.

Good luck, bet smart, and have fun!

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