Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or Gen-Z, you’ll know by now that social media is an essential part of marketing a company or a brand. When digital marketing and platforms like Instagram and Facebook were just starting out, the importance of social media was far less apparent. Indeed, it hadn’t yet taken the world by storm and using it was more of an option, an added bonus.

However, these days, you can no longer choose to ignore social media without experiencing negative repercussions. It’s become such a significant part of our daily lives, and all spheres thereof, that to ignore social media and its reach would mean seriously missing out on massive component of your potential target market.

Thus, even if it’s something you don’t completely understand or aren’t entirely comfortable with, social media is a tool you need to get onboard with – it’s sink or swim! And it can be fun.

Here are some reasons why social media is an essential part of marketing today.

It Has a Far Reach

Unlike some other methods of marketing, especially older forms, social media has a fantastic reach. Compare social media to a television advertising campaign, for instance. An advert for something like a car, for example, may be broadcast on a specific channel. Each channel it’s broadcast on will cost extra, and viewers will need to be watching television at the exact moment that the advert is shown.

An ad for a car on something like Facebook however, is far more specific. Rather than catering to absolutely anybody in the world who may be watching, Facebook is able to use algorithms to ensure that people who are interested in cars, or related goods, are the ones that are exposed to your advert. Your advert also isn’t something that a viewer needs to be in the right place at the right time to see. Rather, it’ll pop up when they’re ready, making it more likely that they’ll have a proper look.

When it comes to how far it can reach, the possibilities are endless. These days, most people have smartphones for everything from answering calls to playing the online roulette NZ offers, whereas not everybody has a television or reads the newspaper. Therefore, by advertising via apps used on mobile phones, you’re more likely to reach far more people.

Advertising Campaigns are Often More Simple and Cost Effective

Going back to the television example, an advert that is set to be broadcast on television will be massively expensive, not only in broadcasting fees but just the filming alone.

However, advertisements that are pushed via social media may require more extensive strategizing behind the scenes, but generally the actual advert is less complicated and more cost effective. You’ll mostly be paying for the right to have it posted, rather than for its production.

At the end of the day, digital marketing truly is the future of advertising, and the best thing you can possibly do is get on board with the process and make it work for you.