Long gone are the days where employees had to jump into their cars and spend a few hours in traffic to get their 8 hours in at the office. Following the pandemic, many companies around the world allowed their employees to begin working at home, and it has led to a rise in online office suite usage around the world.

These online office suites are designed from the ground up to give employees and managers the ability to do everything online, and without having to physically work in an office.

Here are some of the very best online office suites available on the market right now.

Microsoft 365

While it took several years, Microsoft eventually caught up to its competitors, offering a comprehensive product that can be used in a number of different office environments. While it’s based on a subscription, everything that an employee could need to get their work done can be found through Microsoft 365. This includes web-based office apps, including Word and Excel, access to OneDrive, and a number of other tools. Note taking is also extremely simple, and everything is automatically shared and backed up to Microsoft’s cloud servers, minimising the need to have servers available on location.

Google Workspace

Probably the best office suite available right now due to the sheer number of features on offer, Google Workspace is a top choice for the company looking to take everything to the cloud with the best speeds and security in 2022. Google Workspace comes with everything to get a business up and running, including a full office suite that can comfortably work in most browsers.

Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, Keep, Meet, Sheets, Slides, shared Calendar, and so much more come as part of the Google Workspace suite. Each user can be allocated a certain amount of cloud space, and all products can be work on collaboratively in real time, meaning that it’s possible to have a number of people working on a single project at once, or just to appear online while enjoying the real money mobile casinos in Canada has to offer.


NextCloud is a private and secure cloud service that can easily be used by a small or large business. Although it’s not quite as feature rich as the services that are offered by Microsoft and Google, NextCloud stands out in that it focuses on providing excellent privacy – especially considering that it can be installed on a private server that’s accessible only to the server admin.

NextCloud comes with a bunch of incredibly handy tools and software options that can be adapted to an office environment, including a shared calendar, shared notes, as well as a connection to Open Office and similar tools. It should be noted that self-hosting NextCloud has its pros and cons, as it will be up to the company to ensure that it keeps the software updated and safe from any malware, but it also means not having to rely on third-party companies that are well-known for their data collection.