A strong brand is recognisable. Trustworthy. It stands out from the competition and receives plenty of third-party endorsements. This is why taking the time to build your brand voice, to stand out from the crowd, is so worthwhile.

While many brands build themselves up over time and adapt and change, a strong brand usually doesn’t need to do this as often since their message is clear, and rarely varies. This brand voice is consistent in all social channels. It is also apparent across all reach channels – from emails to the website content and blog advice they share. The tone, however, would vary depending on the situation, such as dealing with a crisis, sharing a meme, or emailing about upcoming sales. The following tips will help to make your brand voice more memorable.

How To Establish Your Brand Voice

The first step to establishing your brand voice is to decide what kind of brand you want to be. Don’t copy what your competitors are doing but learn from them. See what is working and incorporate it into your brand. Ways to establish your unique brand voice will include looking at:

  • The colours you use, slogan you represent, and customer service and touchpoints all have a role to play in how you are perceived.
  • Top brands doing well. Examples include Apple with their short, crisp sentencing, to MailChimp with their warm, approachable front.
  • How you want to be seen. Are you an approachable know-it-all company, or as one who offers helpful advice? Do you want to be seen as serious or a bit more fun-loving and engaged on social media?
  • Does your brand represent your current company mission statement?

Now that you’ve got a better idea about the brand voice you want to start using, it’s time to review all the channels where your brand currently is. This includes areas like social sites, media like video online, print ads, your website, your blog as well as any in-store signage. Does the brand voice you’ve been using fit your brand identity and voice that you’re uncovering? How can it be made sharper, clearer and improved? There are a few more ways to do this.

Audience Feedback

There are many ways to get audience feedback. Direct feedback would include polling your audience via a website like SurveyMonkey to find out how they view your brand and products. Indirect feedback would be researching your top clients and repeat customers to figure out their personalities and let your brand mirror things they like.

Consistency Is Key

Once your brand voice has been settled on, you’ll need to ensure that you keep your messaging consistent across all platforms your company uses. This will help to make certain that your presence online is as instantly recognizable as a site that offers NZ gambling online.

These tips should help you on your way to building a strong, memorable brand to stand out from the crowd.