Video Conferencing Etiquette

Videoconferencing has become a big part of the business world, even before we hit the current crisis. Today, it’s an essential part of conducting business as meetings in person have become somewhat dangerous in the face of the coronavirus. With customers and employees all being in different locations, the videoconference is now one of the most-used tools in our arsenal.

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Best Business Apps For Smartphones

There is an app for virtually everything these days. But have you considered the real benefits of adopting and using apps for your business? Take a look at some of the most highly rated, business-oriented apps available today. Best of all; most of these apps will work on just about any smartphone, so you can have your employees adopt them as well.

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Viral Marketing – Is It Viable For Your Business?

You’ve probably heard the term viral marketing. In this age of social media, lightning fast internet, and a mobile phone in every consumer’s pocket, who hasn’t heard of viral marketing? If done correctly, it is the equivalent of running multiple advertising campaigns, all at a fraction of the cost. What about this equation doesn’t seem like being granted a license to print money?

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The Best Business Social Media Platforms

50 years ago, starting and marketing a new business often meant having to try and spread news of the business through word of mouth coupled with newspaper ads. Things have changed in the last few years, however, with the development of the internet and the social media platforms that followed as a result. Today, marketing is both easier and more difficult than ever; where we now have greater access than in the past, but it also means much higher rates of competition.

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The Top Countries for New Entrepreneurs

When starting a new business, it may seem obvious that some countries are better to begin in due to their socio-economic status, such as China, for example. The abundance of people, cheap commodities, and plenty of raw materials makes China, along with India and Brazil, great places to start up.

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