The world of business has changed dramatically over the last few years, and we’ve gone from a world that focused mainly on word-of-mouth to one where almost all advertising is done through the internet. This is a good thing for businesses, as it creates plenty of great opportunities to advertise on platforms that millions of people have access to.

When it comes to marketing, communication, and advertisement, nothing beats using online tools, and there are many to choose from. Here we will look at some of the best online tools that can be used by businesses to attract new customers.

Google My Business

When a customer wants to find something, one of the first places that they will turn to is the internet, and there’s no service quite as well-known as Google. Along with its email and cloud storage, Google also offers a range of helpful tools that are great for both businesses and the customers they want to sell to.

Google My Business is one such platform, which allows a business owner not just the ability to list their business on Google Search as well as Google Maps, but also to add important information, such as opening hours, contact details, links to websites and social media, and much more. The best part about Google My Business is that it’s free to use.


Another great platform for getting a business to as many people as possible is LinkedIn. While it’s primarily used by employees to seek employment through their contacts, it’s also great for businesses wanting to spread their name, and to find potential employees for themselves.

It’s easy to use, and once a business owner has earned a name for themselves on the platform, it doesn’t take long for them to build many useful connections. Along with this, LinkedIn also provides lots of learning opportunities, meaning that a business owner could provide their employees with important educational tools.

The Cloud

After using internal servers for decades, it’s not uncommon to come across business owners that scoff at the idea of using the cloud instead of their own servers. But the cloud has become a powerful technology that can benefit anyone that wants to bring their business into the modern era. Such tools as the paid G-Suite are good a good place to start, allowing employees to collaborate in real time while using the cloud to back up important documents and other data. This also gives employees as well as the owner the chance to use their phones and tablets for accessing cloud services with ease, while also sneaking off to enjoy a game of slots NZ offers.

Video Calling

The nature of meeting has irreversibly changed over the last two years, and more businesses than ever before are using video calling for meetings. It’s a powerful technology that means that meeting rooms and offices are no longer required. Right now, the biggest names in the industry are Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but another option is Jitsi, which focuses on privacy and security.