5 Benefits of Starting a Business Blog

Blogging, particularly when you pair it with the power of social media, is an excellent way to promote your business and its services on the internet. There are countless small business owners out there who have turned their humble enterprises into notable pursuits by adding blogs to their websites – and it’s an easy step for anyone to take, whether you write the blogs yourself or outsource them to a specialized content writer! Continue reading “5 Benefits of Starting a Business Blog”

Tips For Keeping Employee Motivation High

One of the biggest failings in modern business practices is the loss of motivation in the workplace. There’s no denying that a pay cheque plays a big factor when it comes to why your employees come to work every day, but money can’t solve everything.

Low productivity often stems from having employees that feel more like they are slaves rather than valued members of the business, and it can put a serious damper on the bottom line. Continue reading “Tips For Keeping Employee Motivation High”

Why Social Media Is Good For Business

There are now more than 3 billion people using social media network across the globe, so harnessing the power of these networks simply makes sense for business of all sizes.

If you haven’t yet used social media to promote or network your business, take a look at the many benefits that platforms like Facebook and Instagram have to offer. Continue reading “Why Social Media Is Good For Business”

What Makes a Franchise Successful?

Once you have decided to start your own business one option to look at is opening a franchise.  A franchise is a type of license that a person is given which gives them access to a business’s proprietary knowledge, their brand and processes and allows the franchisee to sell the product or service using that business’s name. Continue reading “What Makes a Franchise Successful?”