50 years ago, starting and marketing a new business often meant having to try and spread news of the business through word of mouth coupled with newspaper ads. Things have changed in the last few years, however, with the development of the internet and the social media platforms that followed as a result. Today, marketing is both easier and more difficult than ever; where we now have greater access than in the past, but it also means much higher rates of competition.

Whatever the case, there are some social media platforms that are a better choice for the burgeoning business.


It may come as no surprise that social media giant Facebook would top the list, but ignoring Facebook as a business is nothing short of marketing suicide. With over a billion registered accounts, Facebook stands as the most powerful driving force in the marketing world thanks to its many users and reach. Whether its traffic, online conversions, or simple brand awareness, Facebook stands as the first platform that new businesses will want to begin a presence on, and where anything can be promoted, from a gardening company to online betting NZ.


Started as a small picture media platform that allowed its users to share their favourite images amongst their followers, Instagram has turned into an international hub for all things visual from photographs to video. Instagram’s influence in the business world can’t be ignored; with 500 million daily active users, its user base is almost as vast as that of Facebook, but it’s much simpler, allowing for more targeted marketing. One of the key benefits of Instagram, however, is its organic benefits, meaning that businesses are able to freely advertise and reach a market without having to first invest any capital.


The video sharing site is the world’s leader when it comes to the latest content creators, and many businesses around the world have quickly begun to appreciate just how popular a good video can be. With over 1.5 billion users every month and 30 million a day, YouTube provides a platform where a product can be advertised in a concise way, and without the potential audience needing to go through the worry of making a new account. Another benefit of using YouTube is its direct link to Google’s advertising, meaning that it’s possible to run ads on the videos and make a profit on the side.


LinkedIn is often called the Facebook of the business world, and it’s the perfect platform for any company making use of a B2B model, or one that targets customers based on their line of work. With 250 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is the platform for professionals, allowing companies to put more detail into what they are doing or what they’re selling. This can include email addresses, job positions, and more about the employees themselves. While its advertising side is not as well developed as other platforms, it’s still first choice for those looking to sell to specific businesses or professions