Your brand defines your business. Let that sink in a bit.

Then think about the branding that the biggest companies use globally. They have instantly recognisable logos, colouring and designs that you know and connect with. That’s what you want for your business too.

Products may be created in a factory, but brands are created in the mind, and when it comes to building a solid brand that’s what you need to do. You need to get into the heads of your customers. And stay there.

Defining your purpose

Before you even think of logos and branding however, you need to define your business’ purpose and decide how you want to gain customer trust. Gaining trust and making a connection is crucial, and you need to know exactly what route your company will take to do just that.

Ikea is a great example of a brand that has defined its purpose, and its gained trust not just as a product, but as a lifestyle too.

Remaining consistent

In any business, from online betting to fast food, staying consistent is key. You want customers to know that they’ll repeatedly get the same great service and that whatever you are offering won’t drop in quality at any stage.

If you think about the most successful restaurant chains like McDonalds or Burger King part of the key to their success is their consistency. You can eat at any chain anywhere in the world and you’ll have much the same experience.

Stick with your design

If you are constantly changing up your design, logo and look you are going to confuse customers or leave them feeling uneasy. Building a brand relies on you sticking to a decided upon formula, and not making changes along the way. A solid well-maintained brand image that does not waver sticks in customer’s minds and that’s what you need to aim for.

Think of brands like Nike with their famous swoosh. Thy may have changed things up slightly over the years, but the tick has stayed as their logo through thick and thin and is immediately recognizable. Now imagine they changed it. Not a good idea as they’d lose years of recognition and in part, their identity would go with it.

Make a connection

When building your brand you need to connect with your target audience and make a real connection. Sometimes this connection can be via social media and having a great rapport with anyone who is active online, or it may be with a marketing campaign that really speaks out. Think of a brand like Manolo Blahnik and what Sex and the City did for them.

All of a sudden women everywhere where dying to get their hands on a pair of Blahnick’s and shell out huge sums of money for the privilege. The brand had made a connection and even if their shoes remained in the cupboard, those who bought them were still part of “the club”.