Influencer marketing has become a major part of many social media strategies for brands around the world. It’s essentially using someone who has a big and active following on one or several platforms to promote your business to their followers. These people use their influence to sway followers into buying from the brands that they give the thumbs up to.

This can be an incredibly impactful way to market a business. However, it has to be done right. Without the proper planning and procedures, influencer marketing can be anything from uninspiring to downright damaging for your brand.

So, here’s how to get it right:

1. Do Pick The Right Influencers

Who your influencers are is the key ingredient for any campaign like this. You need to have the right fit for your brand in terms of who they are, who their target market is, the type of posts they put up and how much engagement they get. The influencer should ideally fall into your business’ target market, meaning they are someone who would use your product or service anyway.

It’s also important to look at more than just their follower numbers. A high number of followers means nothing if they aren’t in your target audience or they don’t actively engage with the content. You want followers who like to click on links or talk about the content that is posted.

2. Don’t Forget About The Contract

When engaging with influencers, it’s important to remember that you need something out of this relationship and that it is actually a business agreement. You need a set contract in place that spells out the timeline of the agreement and what exactly both parties expect to get from each other.

You should set proper guidelines about how many posts you want, who will be supplying the content, ideas for the type of content, any events the influencer must attend, how to tag your brand, and if there is anything they must avoid.

3. Do Back Your Influencers Up

Social media is all about conversation. Yes, engaging an influencer is all about letting them start the conversation about your brand with their followers. However, you also need to be active in the process. You shouldn’t rely on them to do all the work and get people interested in what you’re selling.

Make sure you know when and what they are posting so that your brand community manager is ready and waiting to be part of the conversation.

4. Don’t Forget To Set Measurable KPIs

The great thing about social media marketing is that people love it as much as they do the online Roulette Canada has to offer, and you can see your engagement stats in real time and pull reports after the fact.

With an influencer campaign, you can set KPIs that are based on their engagement numbers in general and what you hope to see out of the campaign. Without these being set in advance, there is no way to see if the campaign is successful or not. It’s important to have a discussion with the influencer before you start about KPIs and set it out in writing in your agreement.