There are now more than 3 billion people using social media network across the globe, so harnessing the power of these networks simply makes sense for business of all sizes.

If you haven’t yet used social media to promote or network your business, take a look at the many benefits that platforms like Facebook and Instagram have to offer.

Build brand awareness

With so many people using social media on a daily basis there is no better way to build brand awareness. Not only can you target your brand ads to reach specific demographics, you can also ensure that your product or service is seen by a huge number of people at a time, with minimal effort.

Humanise your brand

Customer engagement and ‘being real’ has become a major part of marketing. These days, a huge number of people will only trust a brand they feel has the human touch, and that others have gotten behind and applauded too. Social media lets you engage with customers on a real level and create a relationship that lasts.

Stay In focus

Thanks to social media, you can connect with customers or potential customers every single time they log in. If you keep your posts entertaining and informative and update your pages regularly you’ll crop in their news feed, and being foremost in someone mind is an excellent idea when you’re trying to promote your product.

Increase traffic to your website

Social media traffic can help you increase traffic to your website, and if you share great content on social media pages, the minute you post a new blog or article online, you’ll get hits. By participating in online discussion on various forums such as Twitter you can also promote your brand and generate new interest from people who may not as yet have come across what you are selling.

Hook up with influencers

Influencers are the hottest new social media ‘tool’ and if you hook up with those who hold sway with the online community, you can boost your product in a whole new way. Being associated with influencers also gives you extra credibility and builds trust, as people rely on what Insta celebs have to say, and the products they choose always hold weight.

Free advertising

In many ways social media provides a platform for free advertising, so you can keep your real slots NZ winnings for yourself instead of having to spend them on advertising. If you are clever with your posts and can attract interest and engage people, you can advertise your product for free. Advertising is one of the biggest costs for any business, and if you are social media savvy you can cash in without having to splash out.

Go viral

As more and more people share your content and your posts, you may find that you go viral! This is not an easy task and is the ultimate aim for anyone, as “going viral” means your reach suddenly becomes enormous and your business goes global, all thanks to hundreds of thousands of clicks!