One of the biggest failings in modern business practices is the loss of motivation in the workplace. There’s no denying that a pay cheque plays a big factor when it comes to why your employees come to work every day, but money can’t solve everything.

Low productivity often stems from having employees that feel more like they are slaves rather than valued members of the business, and it can put a serious damper on the bottom line.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple but effective ways to raise workplace morale that can see a more positive experience for employees while working but also an overall rise in productivity.

1. Empower The Individual Worker

Being treated like a drone is a good way of killing motivation, and many people want to feel like they’re a valued individual in the office.

Feeling like a faceless pawn can have a number of negative consequences on the worker’s drive to get their work done in a timely fashion, but can also force them to start looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

One way to get around this issue is by meeting and getting to know each worker on a personal level. It may take some time and effort, but your workers will deeply appreciate the extra attention.

2. A Positive Environment

It’s the staple of any office workplace that it’s a drab, boring environment that workers want to desperately escape by the time the day comes to a close. An important step to remedy this is by creating a workplace that employees are happy to come to every day, and removing the sense of dread they feel when travelling to the office.

Having an environment where they are able to freely share knowledge and information to their leaders, as well as given the chance to admit their mistakes without humiliation can make the workplace that much more welcoming and care-free.

3. Award and Recognition

Workers like to be recognised and commended for the work they do, rather then just outright expected to do their tasks with no other reward than money.

Having a small gift card rewards program, along with an “employee of the month” competition can keeps spirits high and keep everyone working toward more than a singular goal.

4. Remove Boredom

Boredom is one of the biggest drains of motivation in any working environment, and has been shown to reduce productivity. Keeping things fresh, new, and lively is a good way to alleviate the boredom workers may feel.

This can be in the form of fun, group activities, or simply having a corner in the office where they can relax and maybe enjoy some video games, or allow them to enjoy other pastimes, such as online pokies NZ.

5. Provide Strong Leadership

Leadership is vital to the success in the business, and it’s important that your workers feel like they can trust you no matter the situation.

Leaders are meant to act as role models, allowing them to set a standard that their workers can aspire to without the fear of failing at a task or getting reprimanded.